Our Story

Local Values

Our mission is to be the best communications provider a client could ask for, with flexible systems, reasonable prices and dependable support.

In 2015

Accelerate Networks began in 2015 serving small, independent green grocers who were being hampered by the limitations of their legacy phone systems.

Our clients sought phones and texting that were easy to use, yet what we found was an industry with poor security, aggressive billing tactics and inadequate customer service.

And Today

Phones should not hamper business, thus we built a service that made advanced features accessible to businesses all over the Puget Sound region.

Over the intervening years we have come to serve grocers, chain stores, dentists, doctors and plumbers across the region, while also contributing to the Free Software community by writing patches and documentation for the projects we use internally.

Our People



Director of Sales

If you have a communications problem, Scott can build you a solution.



Customer Evangelist

With a uncanny knack for finding ways to save customers money, Kyle is adept at building solutions to meet the customer's needs.

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